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Some memories of when I was little on the inflatable pontoon boat are kind of blurry. As time went by, we barely go to go on a boat and on the water. One clear memory that I have from boating is when I was younger. My family rented a boat with family friends. That day was very enjoyable. I remember getting on the tube with my sister.There was so much excitement. We hit a wave so hard that we got thrown off. My other siblings had that happen to. Our family friend had a son who was the same age as my older sister. He also got knocked off the tube. It was around twelve-o-clock and the storm clouds can rolling in. We were on the other side of the lake away from the loading docks. My dad tried to get to docks as fast as he could, but we didn't make it. We got poured on so hard. We were only in the rain for about 5 minutes. We finally got to the loading docks. We unloaded the inflatable pontoon boat. We finally got into the building as we were soaking wet. We had stood there for 30 minutes to see if the rain would stop, but it hadn't. My parents finally made the decision on that we would be leaving. Unfortunately, we had left early in the afternoon. This had been one of the best memories and best time spent on our inflatable pontoon boat.

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